Video Conversions


If you have the old standard 8 or Super 8 Family Home movie film still in the cupboard drawers, might be best as soon as possible to have them digitally preserved to DVD. We do all this in our Maryborough Studio via the digital Telecine and is a great simple way to watch those old family movies again and again. If they are silent, we include music in the background to give them some more life. Naturally if they are sound film, this is also transferred across.

Old Video Tape to DVD

We convert your old personal Hi-8, digital 8 and 8mm video tape to DVD. We also convert VHS, VHS-C and MiniDv tapes to DVD. Note, we cannot copy movies to DVD due to copyright laws in Australia. We are experiencing many ruined videotapes as they age due to mould and the fact the tape has stuck to itself causing it to continually break. Do not delay in having your precious memories transferred now to DVD.